Annamalai distance education


I have had a fantastic experience here.I would recommend this program to other students.The teachers and staffs gave me a lot of encouragement and support to make this big transition.The head of the institution was always very kind,warm and friendly.They always take time to answer your questions and help you with what you need.I have […]

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Bharathiar university distance education courses calicut


Hi,I am Anwar.I was a student of MIET distance education colleges in Kerala and am successfully completed my B-Tech[Electronics and communication]through the mode of credit transfer.MIET is best for the students who were seeking to clear their backpapers.It is excellent in all point of views like education,experienced faculty,collage infrastructure etc..It was really a wonderfull experience […]

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Bharathiar university distance education mba


My name is Saifudheen.I just completed my course from this institution.Building my career with MIET enriched my life.I can somehow see that my future is totally reliant on the career for which I am gratefull for every faculty member of MIET.So that I can positively say that it had a great experience with MIET distance […]

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Distance study calicut

Rahul BR

Here at MIET Distance education centre, you meet all the good and friendly people even from students to lectures.Here you can enjoy the freedom to think,to express yourself and to succeed.Thanks to the collage,I have now found that I am succesfull when undertaking assignments and organizing both myself and others.I have had huge amount of […]

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