The pandemic world has changed the face of our education. Before the pandemic, we used to hear about distance education, and wondered, is it as effective as direct interactive education? Well, now we have entered into a phase where we can only follow the pattern of distance education. We have already started to adopt the new normal. The new normal supports distance education because we literally need to keep a distance, with masks on face sanitizers in pockets.

So, what is exactly distance education?

It is a system where students need not be physically present in a class.  Long before distance education was given through posts, but today with the power of technology. We are access to unlimited options such as apps, online classes, websites, etc. Online education has revamped the educational system. You can pursue distance education from kinder garden to UG, PG, and even acquire a Ph.D. course.

Now here is an important question, Is Distant Education equally effective as traditional teaching-learning?

There are certainly some ups and downs because we know that when we do not have a live interaction with the students and teachers. Communication can be limited and also students of young age can easily get distracted. But in MIET, we guarantee quality education and systematic methods that make the students feel like they are attending a live interactive class.

So, if you are looking for one of the best distance education colleges in Kochi, MIET is a university Distance Education Center & Technical institute is the right place for you. Connect with our experts to know more.