Alagappa university distance education

The rapidly changing, dynamic and highly competitive social scenario compels the youngsters to pursue higher education making them more competent, efficient and equipped to acquire higher social stature, financial security as well as esteemed career prospects. Higher education takes part in even more remarkable roles in all aspects of life-enhancing the opportunities that one can acquire while ameliorating the overall standard and quality of life. 

In the modern scenario of industry 4.0, everything shrinks into one’s fingertip which has blurred the line between far and near that has disrupted the existing paradigm of learning, paving new dimensions of distant learning. MIET is having an overriding position in the arena of distance education by rendering education to all the aspirers who are unable to pursue regular learning. MIET facilitates higher education from profuse institutions including Annamalai distance education, Alagappa university distance education, Bharathiar university distance education especially MBA as well as distance education colleges in Kerala. The mission of our institution is to bestow to the scientific, technological and intellectual brilliance of India, to function as a significant resource for the growth of India’s economy and society, and to serve as a source of pride for all Indians. MIET facilitates easy access to higher education from acclaimed and authorised institutions along with distance education colleges in Kochi